„I have never experienced such a smooth relocation of production.“

- Dr. Martin Stark, formerly managing director of Hella KGaA


Practical experience in the project realisation is the guarantee for success. Listed below are selected projects carried out by us. Please contact us for further details.

  • Closure of a production site and relocation of the production
  • Relocation of a production to an Eastern European location
  • Reduction in the working capital through the introduction of new logistics processes
  • Supplier development on the basis of purchasing cost analyses
  • Introduction of a system for the management of R&D projects, including the process analysis and software introduction
  • Conducting of training courses on project management over several days
  • Establishment of an indicator-oriented reporting system
  • Optimisation of machine utilisation
  • Establishment and implementation of a process for international project costing
  • Analysis of the material cost deviations between standard costs and financial accounting

The trusting cooperation with our customers is based on the confidential handling of all information, even after completion of the project.

After personal contact, however, we will be happy to provide further information on the projects and also to establish contacts with responsible partners in the companies.