„All knowledge comes from experience.“

- Immanuel Kant

Reduction of the working capital

Long development times involve long prefinancing times. Financing methods therefore automatically become topics on the management agenda. By reducing the working capital, the cash flow can be strengthened from within the company and without having to take on the normal obligations associated with external financing.


With our technical papers we aim to give you practical suggestions for implementation in your company. The papers are generally based on projects already carried out, although we sometimes also take up completely new topics.

Reduction of the working capital

Within the framework of the project, the whole stock responsibility was transferred from the client to the Supplier. The client reduced his stocks in the area under consideration by more than 90 percent. The products were subsequently delivered by the Supplier as required directly to the client's production line just-in-time. The administrative costs were significantly reduced.

vehicle manufacturer
Project employees:
3 employees from different departments
Overall product spectrum
Turnover with the considered parts:
approx. 8 million euros/year

The trusting cooperation with our customers is based on the confidential handling of all information, even after completion of the project.

After personal contact, however, we will be happy to provide further information on the projects and also to establish contacts with responsible partners in the companies.