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- Immanuel Kant

Outsourcing of a multi-stage production

Efficient manufacturing services providers today enable even the production of complex devices to be outsourced and can no longer be compared with classic sub-contractors. The advantages of this form of outsourcing are enormous and frequently obviate the need for the establishment of a company's own facilities. On the one hand, pay-back periods of less than one year and project duration of under four months are possible. On the other hand, the socio-cultural and economic risks of a new location are minimised.


With our technical papers we aim to give you practical suggestions for implementation in your company. The papers are generally based on projects already carried out, although we sometimes also take up completely new topics.

Outsourcing of the multi-stage production of terminals

Within the framework of the project, five product groups selected from over 50 groups are outsourced to a sub-contractor. Particular attention was paid to the quality processes, as the automobile manufacturer was supplied with the complex devices (more than 100 parts list items) directly by the Eastern European outsourcing partner.

Automotive industry suppliers
Project employees:
10 employees in the core team, more than 30 employees in total
5 product groups were outsourced
Turnover with the outsourced devices:
> 10 million euros/year

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